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Illustrated Valentine Love Themed Pinback Button or Magnet


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Show your love by gifting your special someone with a magnetic valentine! Choose between 12 different love themed buttons: monsters, emotional anatomical hearts, forest animals, or dinosaurs.
In your order notes, please list which designs you’d like to receive, either by name or letter, and let me know if you’d like pinback buttons or magnets.

a. Stegosaurus
b. Cyclops Octopus
c. Bear
d. Deer
e. Surprised Heart
f. Owl
g. Grumpy Heart
h. Triceratops
i. Wolf Demon
j. Blue Horned Monster
k. Happy Heart
l. T-Rex

Magnets and Buttons are 2″, printed using archival inks, and are designed and produced in my home studio. Quantity discounts are available, choose the total number of buttons/magnets you’d like to receive

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

Pinback, Magnet


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