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Bulk 3D Pop Up Cards - Build your own set

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Choose between 40 different designs to build your own set of pop up cards for a discounted rate off of individual cards. You can mix and match however you like. Please write in your order notes which designs and how many you want of each.
To create my cards, I start with an ink drawing, scan it into the computer and then digitally paint and collage on top of the drawing. Once the image is complete, I print the card and cut it using a professional plotter cutting machine, and then assemble the pieces all in my home studio. The cards are printed on heavyweight matte paper with archival inks, and are 4.25" x 5.5", and include cream colored envelopes.

To see more details about individual cards, click on the card name to view the single card listing.
1. Dragon Birthday
2. Dog Birthday
3. Rabbit Birthday
4. Space Fox Birthday
5. Storybook Birthday
6. Kitten Tickle
7. Magic Unicorn
8. Fox Dance
9. Flowery Congrats
10. Monster Congrats
11. Tortoise Congrats
12. Monster Baby Congrats
13. Graduation Shark
14. Alien Hooray
15. Robot Thanks
16. Octopus Thanks
17. Brain Connect
18. Rabbit Love
19. Love Bug
20. Heart Anatomy
21. Butterfly Flowers
22. Get Well Bear
23. Pittsburgh Zombie
24. Ship in a Storm
25. Candy Monster
26. Monster Party
27. Balloon Monsters
28. Dinosaur Hello
29. Housewarming Monster
30. Magic Bunny Thank You
31. Pumpkin Escape
32. New Years Monsters
33. Sea Monster Holiday
34. Shark Mistletoe
35. Winter Birds
36. Teddy Bear Train
37. Polar Bear Holiday
38. Forest Creature Tree
39. Monster Carols
40. Snowman Dance 
41. Penguin Pyramid
42. Forest Friends Sled
43. Forest Creature Holiday
44. Robot Santa

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