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Monsters & Marvels - Monster Mixup Flip Book

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Mix and match heads torsos and bottoms to create tons of new weird creatures! Pages are double sided with the same monster front and back, for even more crazy combinations!

Monsters & Marvels is 3.5" x 7.5", with 15 mixupable pages featuring full color front and back printing. It is printed on 12pt coated cardstock, with a 16pt coated cardstock cover and title page, and bound with a secure wire binding. Since the head, middle, and feet can each change, with 15 different characters, that means over 3,000 possible combinations!

This book is for anyone who enjoys unique interactive books. An earlier edition of this book has been enjoyed by children and adults alike - it makes a good desk fidget toy, conversation starter, story generator, waiting in line distractor, road trip entertainer, etc.